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We are happy to assist you. If you have a general question regarding your credit card account, please review our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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If you suspect your card has been lost and/or stolen or someone has fraudulently used your card number, please call Card Services at 812-855-7823 immediately.



If you do not recognize a charge or feel you were billed an incorrect amount, you must first double-check your receipts and check with other joint owners or authorized users, if applicable, of your card. Second, contact the merchant where the purchase originated to resolve the dispute. 

If you are unable to resolve your dispute with the merchant, click on Account Services > Dispute Transaction in MyCardInfo.

If you feel the transaction is fraudulent, your card must be blocked lost or stolen prior to disputing the transaction.

Refer to the Billing Rights Summary on the back of your statement for dispute timeframes and restrictions.